Taylor Swift said that the Change should be there for Racial Injustice and Police Brutality

Taylor Swift said that the change should be there for racial injustice and police brutality

The social media platform is being used by Taylor Swift for fighting racial justice. On Tuesday, Taylor Swift, musician 30 years had made a tweet about her feeling on the movement of Black Like Matter and was encouraging her followers for presidential election 2020, mail-in-voting.

She wrote that in both state and local governments there has been racial injustice and change is must now. She said that those people should be elected who can fight against any kind of racism and police brutality.

She had linked it with an article which is being written by Barack Obama, President that how the policy could be change at the local and state level. She had asked her fans to vote for “fight for mail-in voting” and in November as large gatherings are still not preferred due to pandemic. She said that we all need to fight for the election 2020, mail-in voting. No one should choose among their voice being heard and healthy. 

She has been doing this political stuff on social media. As in May she had said for tweet written by President Trump on the protesters and riots in Minneapolis, Minn., after George Floyd’s death.

The Grammy award winner banged on Trump for saying violent rhetoric when he was suggesting police to shoot anyone who is doing the looting. For which the Swift has responded: