Temporary outage experience of Amazon website in the US

Temporary outage experience of Amazon website in the US

On Thursday afternoon there are complaints by the U.S. users for accessing the Amazon website. People across the country are complaining that a website is inaccessible unless the issues get resolved in an hour.

As per, around 77 percent of people are facing the issue of opening the website and around 21 percent are saying they could not able to log in it. This problem comes after 3 pm when people started reporting the problem. This problem is there in the US only where at 3:15 pm its at peak with about 65,000 people and less than 3,000 people complaining by 3:45 pm, referring to services of site monitoring.

As per the spokesperson of Amazon, this problem is there due to some technical difficulties in a website that is taken care of by 4:10 pm. Some customers had faced issues while doing shopping which has been resolved by now. But no details have been provided that what is the cause.

There has been a surge in the prices of Amazon due to the COVID 19 crisis. During the 2020 first quarter, the sales of Amazon have increased by 26 percent which is $ 75.4 billion, net profit has increased on higher costs to 29 percent. Jeff Bezos, CEO of the company said that the company will be spending around $ 4 billion of its amount predicting from operating profit of Q2 for the expenses which are being incurred in the second quarter on coronavirus.

Additional hiring of 175,000 workers is being done for meeting its increased demand. Pay rates of employees paid on an hourly basis have also been increased in the US as well as in other countries. According to the company, through May 16 this adds the expense of about $ 700 million.