The Bachelor Presents: Listen to your heart’s Bri Stauss and Chris Watson Split

After nearly one year of dating Bri Stauss and Chris Watson have called it quits. The couple who won The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart in May 2020, had announced their split on Tuesday, January 19.

The former couple had told in a joint statement that they have decided to end their relationship and go their separate ways but with a deep amount of admiration and respect for each other. They also said that they would look back on their journey with great fondness and will always continue to support each other personally and professionally. They have gone different ways romantically, but have assured fans that they will give more future projects of them musically and thanked all the fans for their support and love.

The pair were believed to have an instant connection on The Bachelor spinoff series, in April 2020. The pair also released an album after having won the competition- ‘Chris and Bri’. It was noticed that the couple did not have any pressure to play up their relationship when the cameras were rolling and said that they did not have to fake anything.

The pair was solid even during the pandemic lockdown despite having had to record the debut album remotely. Watson has said that it was beautiful to grow stronger in such a time and that it was beautiful to see their relationship going through all the best and worst. He felt that their relationship had deep trust and always want the best for each other. 

Stauss has also said that just to be closer to Watson, she planned to travel back and forth before the pandemic.

The Utah native had said that they are taking it day by day with all that was going on, as it was completely out of their control sadly. Before their split, the pair also released a second album, ‘Wrapped Under the Tree’, in December 2020.

Stauss told on her Instagram that she wrote the album during a pandemic and that had been hard. She also posted a photo of the duo in matching pajamas. Her message read that she was proud of the pair’s accomplishments in spite of all the circumstances and feels lucky to be able to do whatever they had done.

The pair is absent from each other’s social media accounts after dropping their second album.

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