The Best Case of Highly Irresponsible Journalism: TOI WAKE UP

Times of India reported a double murder case yesterday in Kolkata Times where they reported about Shilpi and Amit Aggarwal murder case. Supposedly, the complete layout of events was reported in a detailed manner.

Image Credits: timesofindia

We believe, they should have done a little bit more research and at least should have clarified the picture, as the photo posted was of some other Shilpi and Amit Aggarwal who run a Facebook Group under the name of “Food and Flavours”.

“Food and Flavours” have 1.9 Million Followers thus when this news was published, it created havoc online where hundreds of thousands of followers messaging each other and them to know about the truth behind the news.

Finally, Shilpi and Amit Aggarwal of “Food and Flavours” posted a video on their channel claiming they are ok and that the TOI has reportedly given the wrong picture, which has been taken from the Facebook Account.

We believe, this information came out, and likewise, there are so many reports published on a daily basis and we don’t know their authenticity.

Shouldn’t the media be more responsible and should the right to express be exercised with more diligence? The general public opinions are mostly based on what media reports, so we believe the media needs to exercise their role after much thought into it.