The Biggest Hip-Hop Feuds of All Time- 2020

A lot of feuds by many hip-hop artists have been done head to head, which was more lyrical than physical. Such rivalries have also shocked the public as a whole.

Here is a list of five such feuds which were the big scene in the hip-hop fraternity:

Tyga vs Drake

When Tyga was dating his 17-year-old girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, Drake befriended him, a while back. Drake was also hostile with Tyga and has always called his music fake. Tyga did not respond to his comment but had said that he does not feel good when Drake rhymes about him.

Iggy Azalea vs Azealia Banks

Anyone who has heard of modern and feminine hip-hop feuds must have surely heard about their story. When it comes to other artists, Iggy sort of always stirred the pot, but in this particular case, it was Azealia who attacked Iggy on Twitter. She took her frustration out saying that black culture was cool but black issues are not.

Notorious B.I.G vs Tupac

Both the artists were quite famous in the ’80s and ’90s, and at the beginning of their careers were good friends. And it was the most tragic feud of hip-hop where both the artists kept exchanging them back and forth regularly. Unfortunately, both the artists were murdered in 1996, and both of their cases are unfinished and subjected to bizarre theories.

Meek Mill vs Drake

After getting attacked by someone, Drake completely destroys him, and this exactly happened in a feud between him and Meek. Meek tweeted without any proof on Twitter that Drake doesn’t write his songs, which was so shocking that made everyone wait to see what Drake had to say on it. And Drake replied by releasing two freestyles “Charged Up” and “Back to Back”. To this, Mill responded by releasing a song called “ Don’t Wanna Know”, but the public was convinced that Drake was the winner finally.

Jay Z vs Nas

The feud was about a lyric in Memphis Black’s song, and it went for a period of five years. Nas responded through a series of mixtape tracks, while it only got bigger and bigger. A year later, Jay labelled Nas as lame in an interview. Later Nas ended the feud in 2005 in a concert in Philly. Since then both are good friends and also joke about what has happened between them.

Written by Diksha

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