The Ellen Show is Bringing Back its Live Studio Audience

ellen show

The talk show has decided to select 40 people out of the 4000 previously scheduled fans, who can attend the tapings of the show. Much like Saturday Night live, who had brought back live audiences at the beginning of the month, the audiences here would also have to follow strict pandemic related safety and health protocols. 

Along with the 40 in-studio audiences, 70 virtual attendees will also host an interesting viewing experience. After bearing the allegations of a toxic work environment, by a former staff, there was an official investigation by Warner Media. Many of her celebrity friends have come in support of her. The Ellen Show was back for its 18th season in September.

In her first monologue for the virtual audience, she feels really bad for all those who were affected and said that she takes responsibility for all that happened on her show, as power comes in hand with responsibility. And also, she promised to have made the necessary changes before beginning the new chapter.