The Expendable Stars Celebrates the Film’s 10th Anniversary

Sylvester Stallone

It has been ten years when the audience was introduced to the stunning ensemble of the veteran action stars. Dolph Lundgren who has been a part of all the three parts of ‘The Expendables’, took to Instagram to celebrate the tenth anniversary and also paid tribute to Sylvester Stallone, his co-star.

He said that ten years back the movie introduced to the young audience the first taste of the hardcore action mayhem of the old school. He also thanked Sylvester for helping Dolph return to the big screen after a long absence.

There has not been any expendable movie since 2014. But there is good news for all the fans that plans are on for making ‘Expendables4’. In early 2020, Randy Couture had said that he have received a complete script for the project. But at that time the production was yet to receive the green signal.

With modest budgeting and the benefit of distance, there is hope that Sly will give us a fourth Expendable movie very soon.

Written by Stephen D