The Half Of It- Sweet Charming Netflix’s Rom-Com

The Half Of It

The love stories or Rom-Com should be sweet, tenderhearted and transporting. Watching it you must feel the love. Netflix’s The Half Of It is simply proving it. The characters are so loving that you want to give a hug to each of them. The Half of it is a tale of a love triangle at high school. Let’s get started with the movie review.

The Haft of It- Rom-Com you wish to watch

It is the story of the Chinese-American Girl Ellie who doesn’t fit in with other teenagers and generally hang out with her Dad. She always fades in the background and avoids bullies at school. Her source of income is by writing essays for other schoolmates. But Alice Wu has smartly planted a love twist for her.

Here comes the entry of Daniel Diemer (Jock Paul in the movie) who requested Ellie to use its writing expertise and write a love letter for his crush Alexxis Lemire (Aster in the movie). Now, two girls and one boy, a love triangle happened. No, It’s not the way you are thinking. Ellie doesn’t fall for Jock paul but actually she falls for Aster the girl.

The Half Of It- A True Justice to LGBT Love

After the movie LOVE (2018), The Half Of It doing full justice in representing same-sex love at this young age. Alice Wu rightly managed the balance between the plot. She avoids adding unnecessary drama and the parent’s response to this. Some might the ending is not upto the mark. The ending is a bit messy and confusing, leaving some questions unanswered.

But they are teens and they are messy and confused about their feelings, right? You can’t judge them on this. Even in its low movie manage to keep the fun going on. The Half Of It will manage your engagement throughout the movie.

Should you Skip it or Stream It?

Our Call- The Half Of It is another addition to the teen rom-com movies. The movie is warm-hearted and tender. You should watch it and you will fall in love with the characters and the movie in a whole