The Heartwrenching Story of Lori Loughlin and Her Husband Just Leaked Out

Lori Loughlin is a free citizen after a short two-month sentence in prison. Released on December 28th, her husband Mossimo Giannulli is still languishing in jail. He is said to be having a trying time in prison. According to reliable sources, Giannulli is allowed to speak to his daughters and son. Those are the moments he cherishes in the whole day. The experience is heartbreaking. The fears of the coronavirus outbreak in prison and deaths have caused the prison authorities to confine Giannulli in a single cell. 

In solitary confinement, Mossimo is spending time in prayer and deciding new ventures for his fashion business. The family members are anxious about the mental state of Mossimo but are happy about Lori’s release.  Lori on the other hand is quite relieved after the short stint in prison. She feels Mossimo is doing well in prison. The fears of the virus taking lives in prison are taking a toll on Mossimo and the members of the family, yet they are optimistic and hope to see Mossimo out of jail soon. 

Lori spent the previous day with her daughters and is anticipating a better future.