The Hindi film Govinda Naam Mera review & rating on Hotstar

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Vicky Kaushal’s Govinda Naam Mera has recently joined the list of big films taking the direct OTT route. The female leads are Kiara Advani and Bhumi Pednekar in this crime comedy thriller. It’s streaming on Hotstar, so let’s check it out.


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Govinda (Vicky Kaushal) has a terrible marriage and his wife, Gauri, beats him up (Bhumi Pednekar). He works as a choreographer and has an affair with Suku (Kiara Advani), who also works as a choreographer. Govinda wants to get a divorce from his wife so that he can be happy with Suku. But Gauri wants two crores as a divorce settlement, so he can’t do it. Govinda and his stepbrother get into a fight over property, and he also gets into a fight with Ajith Dharkar (Shiyaji Shinde). In the middle of all this, Govinda and Suku get caught up in the murder of Gauri. Then what happened? Did Govinda and Suku find a way to stop the crime? Did Govinda figure out what was wrong? This is related to what happens next in the story.

Plus Points:

Vicky Kaushal is a well-known artist, and with Govinda Naam Mera, he proves it once again. Vicky did a great job of acting like a person with a lot of problems. He did a great job with his facial expressions, and he seemed pretty at ease in his role. Vicky Kaushal’s timing for comedy is also well used.

Up until now, Kiara Advani has played more glamorous roles, but this movie shows the other side of her. She was beautiful as Suku, and she did a great job in the very important jail scene. This is also one of the movie’s well-done scenes. Both in terms of her looks and her acting, she did well.

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In the last half hour of the movie, things start to come together in a pretty interesting way. The twists are shown in a way that makes them stand out and is surprising. A song is well put together, and a surprise cameo by a famous hero will please the audience.

Minus Points:

The writing in the last forty minutes was superior, but it faltered in other places. Despite having a good potential to turn the film into a good crime thriller, the makers didn’t develop an exciting screenplay. The film thus takes a middling route to reach the climax, and hence the viewers won’t get engaged completely.

The first hour is completely below-par with generic moments. Many subplots are included during this period, but none make a proper impact and just add to the film’s length. They also don’t have much importance in the latter part. It seemed that these subplots were just placed randomly without any connection.

The portions of Shiyaji Shinde and his son are quite boring and routine. The narrative also becomes predictable till the final part, and the comedy, too, wasn’t good. The makers tried too hard to generate laughs but couldn’t succeed completely.

Technical Aspects:

Both the music and the way the movie was made were good. Vidushi Tiwari did a great job with the film’s style of cinematography. But more changes needed to be made to the editing work. Several scenes should have gone together better.

As for the film’s director, Shashank Khaitan, he did an average job. He also wrote the story and script for the movie. The main idea of the story is fine, but the screenplay wasn’t very good, and he should have done a lot more to make the movie interesting. Many side stories make it hard to tell what the director was trying to show.


Govinda Naam Mera, as a whole, has a few interesting parts. The most important parts are the last half hour and the performances. The movie could have been good if the script had been tighter and more interesting in the other parts. So, it’s just an okay movie to watch this weekend.

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