The Inside Story: Indian offensive to retake Chinese seized territory

Image Source: The reddit

It was on July 3 that Leh was visited by the Indian Prime Minister. He was accompanied by the Chief of Defence Staff and his Army Chief. This was a surprise visit and he was welcomed by the Army Commander of Northern Command, Lt Gen Harinder Singh and Lt Gen Y.K. Both of them have been taking care of the defence of Ladakh at operational and strategic levels. 

The Galwan incident back in June shook the entire nation. And the demise of 20 bravehearts of the nation was disheartening and the world wanted to hear what Narendra Modi had to say. Everyone was left thinking that the 1962 repeat is down the line. 

The Dragon in full swing:

The aggressive dragon inches closer to the troops –

The 4th Motorized Division 

6th Mechanized Division

And was well equipped with rockets, light tanks, and heavy artillery, 

 India wasn’t prepared and swept off its feet. 

Briefing of the Generals

There was a round of briefings by the Generals and Prime Minister Modi was told all about the situation on the ground. 

Addressed the new troops: 

After the briefing was over, the PM addressed the newly 17 corps troops and motivated them. 

His message was for the entire world and neighbouring countries. He emphasised upon the fact that India is much stronger than the yester years and is all set to strike back. 

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