The inspirational story of Ballerina Vitoria Bueno on America Got Talent

Ballerina Vitoria Bueno

Vitoria Bueno may be one of the most unusual dancers America Got Talent has ever seen. The 17-year-old girl is from Santa Rita Do Sapucai, Brazil. It is said that she was born without arms because of a genetic condition. Bueno is an inspiration to many because she does the unthinkable by following her passion for dance even when things are hard.

In the upcoming second episode of AGT All-Stars, Vitoria Bueno will perform on America’s Got Talent stage. This dancer hasn’t been on American Got Talent yet, but you might know her from social media. Bueno has over 410,000 followers on Instagram, where she posts videos of herself dancing.

This dancer is another one who started doing what they loved when they were young. It is said that Bueno took the advice of her physiotherapist and started ballet lessons at the age of five. Even though Wanda was afraid that her daughter would be picked on, they went for it. It seems that Bueno had become a “social curiosity” at the time. “People would wait in line outside her house to see her,” Wanda said.

Bueno is a regular student at Academia Andrea Falsarella, where she practices Ballet, Tap, and Jazz dancing.

People may think it’s impossible to dance without arms, but Bueno says “they’re just a detail” and she follows “with my eyes as if they were there.”

In April 2019, Bueno started posting dance-related content on Instagram and hasn’t stopped since. Because of how much this dancer loves the art, she has been on Good Morning America, Inside Edition, the Daily Mail, and more.

Das Supertalent (Germany’s Got Talent) season 15 in 2021 was Bueno’s first time on a Got Talent stage. She got a Golden Buzzer and came in second place during the season. With her amazing story and crazy talent, Bueno is sure to make waves in this season of AGT All-Stars.