The Johnsons Bid A Fitting Farewell In Emotional ‘Black-ish’ Series Finale

“Black-ish” concluded its eight-season run with an emotional series finale.

According to Deadline’s recap of the finale, the show began with Pops (Laurence Fishburne) and Ruby (Jenifer Lewis) revealing their impending move, prompting Trey (Anthony Anderson) and Bow (Tracee Ellis Ross) to contemplate their own major life changes.

As a result, they decide to relocate from a largely white suburb to an all-Black neighbourhood, and the series concludes with the Johnson family physically dancing in the street during a New Orleans-style jazz funeral to commemorate the end of their old life and the beginning of their new one.
According to “Black-ish” creator Courtney Lilly, negotiations about the ending began last season, as the show’s future was unknown at the time.

“We had early discussions regarding the Johnson family’s future. And, if I recall correctly, it was one of our executive producers, Laura Peterson, who discussed the family relocating to a predominantly Black neighbourhood,” she explained. “That brought the circle full circle.”

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Meanwhile, Kenya Barris, the program’s creator, revealed that much deliberation went into how to conclude the show, considering the heightened scrutiny generally reserved for series finales.

“I was adamant that it not be saccharine. I didn’t want it to be sad,” Barris explained.

“We desired to conclude on a positive note,” he explained. “We didn’t want Tony Soprano to be shot or for the audience to question if he was shot or not.” We wanted to do everything we could to honour the family.”

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