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‘The King of Staten Island’ of Pete Davidson’s has been taken from Theaters

As per the report, “The King of Staten Island”of Pete Davidson has been taken out mysteriously and abruptly last week from the theaters. This film semi-autobiographical, “Saturday Night Live” officers comic looks on the childhood of star Pete Davidson’s in the borough, had been released in Video only on Friday.

No explanation for this has been given by the Universal owner of one drive-in theater. Another owner of the theater had told there has been an ill will among customers who are buying tickets for the show on Thursday at 7 p.m.

Judd Apatow, Director had told the fans who are eager on twitter that they have to wait till Friday for watching a film.

Now the Movie is Available on Demand at your Home

It was due to some misunderstanding at internal which made the change as blamed by Universal.  There was a demand to exclusively premiere “The King of Staten Island” but some of the executives had booked the same in around 100 theaters. But when they realized that this is a mistake, the had gone to theaters for not playing it. Watch the Trailer of the movie below-

Video Credits- Universal Pictures

For the first time film was taken back by Universal from owners of theater. In April they going for release at the theater for “Trolls World Tour” but now they want to skip it. They will instead be sending it directly to the video on demand which will cost many film houses for their ticket sales.

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