The Latest on What/if Season 2.

Netflix is in buzz nowadays for its exclusive crime thrillers. Its mystery is absolutely eye-catching and exciting for its viewers.
What/if is one of these shows. It is quite alive and kicking among its viewers.

Take a look below and brood over of what all you need to know.

What/if Season 2: confirmation of renewal:

Netflix has not done any official announcement about the second season of what/if. But, taking a look at its success in the first season, the probability of getting second season is high.

If Netflix takes this call from the audience and brings out a season two, viewers would expect a lot in this series. It would ultimately depend on Netflix of what all twists and turns it can include. Netflix has a policy of keeping its process and viewership details under viel but we can still expect a lot from it as the first season of What/If gathered much space in the headlines.

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The plot of Season 2:

The plot of season two is still difficult to be guessed. It is expected to be a completely new story. Showrunner Mike Kelley threw some light on his plans and confirmed that the story of season two would be more exciting and difficult to have guesstimate. He also said that Season two would be such where nothing from season one would actually happen

It is now clear that Mike Kelley desires to have this series as an anthology. This would be such a season where mortality would be questioned every time. So season two would definitely be more exciting, deep, eye catcher and more to be indulged into with the characters. This season will focus more on deciding your fate and would force you to reconsider your morals.

One can also expect the number of characters to increase. It can be expected that the characters and viewers would be forced to get indulge in deep thoughts about their own morals.

The cast of What/If Season 2:

Though the plot of the story will be completely varied form season one, Kelley doesn’t want to change the cast. He is planning to have an America based Horror story. It would have the same characters playing varied tasks.

So famous faces like Blake Jenner, Renee Zellweger, Juan Castano, Blake Jenner, and others are expected to come back to rule our minds in the next season.

Release date of Season 2:

There is no official confirmation about the Season till now. However, if it happens to have a second season it will hardly be prior to late 2020.