The Most Worst Dressed Celebrities of Oscars: No 2 will Shock you

Oscars’ appreciation is very important for all the actors and actresses. This is why many of them travel to Hollywood every year, to get some recognition. There is a lot of drama and sexy dressing that takes place. The audiences showed a lot of love for the unforgettable looks the actors show on the red carpet. Some become a hit and some a miss. The following is the list of some miss, from some of the past year’s Oscars.

Worst Dressed Celebrities at Oscars

Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga wore red gloves in 2015 on the red carpet which spawned plenty of memes, and the most popular of them was The Lady Gaga cleaning the starter pack.

St. Vincent:

He took a big risk in the 2018 academy awards in the St. Lawrence look, but the ensemble did not work out. 


The most iconic of the worst dresses was Bjork’s swan dress, which was designed by Macedonian Designer, Marjan Pejoski. He had made two copies of it, as the dress could not be dry cleaned. One of them was auctioned in 2005 for $9500. Valentino had even given tribute to the swan ensemble in its spring 2014 fashion show.

Uma Thurman:

In the 76th Annual Academy Awards, it seemed that the actress was drowning in her gown, with gold and blue embroidered pieces, which left the audience confused.

Edy Williams:

In 1974, she wore a leopard printed bikini below a furry coat, which left everyone in splits.

Helena Bonham Carter:

She appeared to channel her Harry Potter Character’s preference, with a black and white multi-layered dress in the 2013 Awards Ceremony.

Jennifer Hudson:

At the 2007 Academy Awards, the singer and actress wore a brown Oscar de la Renta look. Though the dress in itself was fine, the cropped outerwear of hers reminded of the Tinman wearable.