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The Mysterious Monolith in Rural Utah has Vanished, Officials say

The officials have said in a statement that the illegal installed structure, popularly known as a monolith has been removed by some unknown party. The structure mysteriously appeared in rural Utah and quickly inexplicably disappeared too according to Utah’s Bureau of Land Management.

The bureau said that it did not remove the monolith, and cited the structure as a private property, for which investigation would be handed over to the local sheriff’s office.

During a routine wildlife mission counting the bighorn sheep in the southeastern part of the state, on November 18, the authorities discovered that there was a perplexing structure. The helicopter crew with the Utah department of public safety Aero Bureau discovered it. Pilot Bret Hutchings spotted the object.

But on Friday evening it was reportedly missing. Images are shown of a stack or mound of stones as a memorial of the monolith, which once stood there. The structure was believed to be a “new wave” art installation. 

The bureau has commented on the incident and has reminded the public that no visitors are authorized of using or occupying the public land, be whatsoever. Till Sunday it was not clear as to who had installed the piece and who had removed it too.

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