‘The New Mutants’ opens to relatively solid box office numbers

After a long wait, finally ‘The New Mutants’ got released in theatres. The movie did not get very good reviews but still, it made for one of the major openers at the domestic box office with a collection of $7 million. Since the theatres have shut down since March, the release of the movie is seen as a fresh welcome by the audiences.

The film is released worldwide and is expected to earn its budget of $67 million with minimum efforts as the competition is reduced owing to the non-release of movies in theatres. Although the prospect of the movie in theatres is unpredictable, it is obvious that the commercial owners would like to grasp as much as possible from its release on the big screens.

It will also be interesting to see how people would dare to step to the theatres to watch the long-awaited release.

Written by Stephen D