The new season of Fortnite has a roller coaster, Darth Vader and vibes

After a few months of grueling warfare — and a live event last night starring a giant mecha — the final season of Fortnite is surprisingly relaxed. In fact, Season 3 of the game’s third chapter is simply called Vibin’. It brings some notable changes to the island, including new locations such as an amusement park – complete with a roller coaster – and a trippy-looking forest called Reality Falls with magical saplings that players can plant and grow for better loot.

Here’s a closer look at how the western edge of Fortnite‘s island now looks like:

In terms of gameplay, the season brings back a fan-favorite vehicle, the Baller (which looks a bit like a giant hamster ball). However, it has been slightly modified: it has more health, can float on water and has a battery that will eventually die out. It also turns out that you can take one to the roller coaster and go all out. Players can now also ride boars, and Season 3 introduces a feature called ‘storm sickness’. here’s how Fortnite developer Epic describes it:

Staying in the storm for too long cumulatively in a match will give you storm sickness, a condition that accelerates the decay of your health from the storm. But don’t worry: Storm sickness never comes as a surprise — you’ll receive a warning if you’re about to get it. And luckily, the cure for storm sickness is simply to leave the storm. However, if you re-enter it, it will immediately affect you again.

And of course, a new season means you have to buy a new battle pass, which in turn means more characters to unlock. The highlight of this season is Darth Vader (who would make a great duo partner for Obi-Wan), but there’s also a new toy-like figure called Snap that you can customize by unlocking new appendages. Later in the season, Battle Pass owners will be able to unlock Indiana Jones, who surprisingly seems out of place alongside this season’s much more colorful cast.

The new vibe-filled season follows Resistance, which is most notable for introducing the now permanent Zero Build mode to Fortnite – although players can still play the classic build-and-shoot mode if they wish.

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