The new song ‘Go Away’ by Omar Apollo is about losing love in a fleeting moment


A video for Apollo’s new song, “Go Away,” has been released by Jenna Marsh. Carter Lang and Chromeo collaborated with Apollo to produce the new track. Below you can watch “Go Away”.

Since the release of Apolonio last year, the singer-songwriter and guitarist has not released a new song. At the end of July, he will begin a lengthy tour of the United States in Chicago promoting a hot sauce he developed based on a family recipe.

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A slick groove augmented by gauzy synthesizers and bluesy guitar lines, “Go Away” finds Apollo pining for a partner as he taps into his falsetto on the hook, “But if you had to go away again/I just don’t see you enough/I wish you saw you enough/It’s something in the way I feel your skin/I just don’t see you enough/I wish I saw you enough.”

Mercury and Chromeo helped Apollo make “Go Away”. Jenna Marsh directed the music video for the song, which captures a sense of ephemeral love, especially at the end when Apollo’s prospective partner appears to disappear suddenly.

Since Apollo released Apolonio last year, “Go Away” is his first new track since then. In addition to their one-off show in Chicago on July 27, Apollo will also perform at Lollapalooza (July 30), and Bonnaroo (September 3). Niko Rubio, Deb Never, Maye, and Sofia Valdes will join Apollo along select dates of the North American tour.