The special discovery on TV about the death of actress Brittany Murphy’s

The special discovery on TV about the death of actress Brittany Murphy’s

Legacy of Brittany Murphy is defined by his films such as 8 Mile, Girl Interrupted, and Clueless as well as King of the Hill on TV in which she gave memorable performances. She is also been remembered due to her sudden death.

Murphy grew up in Edison and died in the year 2009 in her home in Los Angeles when she was just 32 years old.  She was suffering from symptoms that are like flu. She in her bathroom had passed away in her mother’s, Sharon’s arm. She was living with her during that time. Her death is more of speculation from a decade.

A new special TV program by the name of “Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery” from Investigation Discovery will be revisiting her death circumstances. Simon Monjack, husband of Murphy’s has died in the year 2010 at their home just after 5 months of her wife died.

As per the network, there is a doubt to casts that she had died due to natural causes. It may reveal inexplicable allegations on her members of the family. The official cause of Murphy’s death determined was anemia having a severe deficiency of iron, pneumonia as well as various intoxication of drug which are prescribed and could be over the counter. Similarly, the death of Monjack is also due to some reason like anemia and pneumonia.

The Investigation Discovery special will be on TV on May 26, Tuesday at 9 pm having an interview with Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti who had passed away in 2019.

There is also speculation that there could be some mold present in their house that could be the reason for Monjack’s and Murphy’s death. But when an inspection has been done then nothing of that sort had been found in it.

In 2010 Los Angeles County assistant chief coroner, Ed Winter had told that it is rare that two people die of same circumstances as pneumonia. They are looking at it and doubted that something is not right. He said that pneumonia could happen from the mold but in all the tests there is no intoxication from the mold.

In this trailer they will focus on the decision of Monjack’s to have cameras around their home that he had shared about after the death of Murphy.