The unrecognized change in Hayley Erbert’s face after the car accident

Hayley Erbert

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert, who met on Dancing With the Stars, were in a car accident in December, but they are doing well now. Erbert recently talked about her injury and said that she was surprised by how quickly her face changed as it healed.

If you don’t already know, Hough and Erbert were in a “pretty scary” car accident before the holidays. A steep hill, icy roads, and a tree all played a role in the accident, which almost caused the two people to slide off the mountain. Erbert’s face swelled up and she had to get four stitches above her eyebrow. Still, the couple is glad that nothing worse happened.

Hayley Erbert Shares An Update About Her Healing Process

Erbert told her Instagram followers on December 31, 2022, how the car accident injury was getting better. Since the accident, she posted a series of selfies that showed how her bruised face was healing. The former DWTS dancer says that when she first saw how her face had changed, she was scared.

“It was so strange and, to be honest, a little scary to see my face change so much after our accident,” she wrote. “However, I am amazed and thankful that my body can heal so fast.”

Erbert is on her way to getting better for sure. Her photos show that her wound is almost completely healed compared to how it looked when she first hurt her face.

She Manifests No More Injuries This 2023

After the bad thing that happened, Erbert and Hough chose to look at the bright side. The two people are very grateful that the paramedics came so quickly. They have also thought a lot about how fragile life is and how important it is to love the people around you. Erbert hopes that there will be no injuries in the years after 2023.

“I want 2023 to be a year of good health and strength. She wrote, “No more hurts.”

Several fans went to the comments to tell her how happy they are that her face is getting better. In the meantime, other people joined her in her health-related act.

“I’m so glad you’re getting better. “Yes to a lot of health in 2023,” one person wrote.

Back in 2022, Erbert’s health was hurt in more ways than just the one caused by the car accident. The professional dancer hurt her shoulder badly in November, which kept her from being able to dance in the DWTS Finale.