The Video of A man trying to eat ramen noodles during extreme cold leaves netizens in awe


Actor Jake Fischer posted a video of himself eating ramen noodles while dressed for winter and standing in the snow.

In the midst of the current cold wave sweeping north Indian cities, many people are finding it difficult to do even the most basic daily activities, such as getting out of bed and taking a shower. When the weather is this cold, all you want to do is curl up under the covers with a good book and a hot cup of tea or bowl of ramen noodles. A man’s video of himself attempting to eat ramen noodles in sub-zero temperatures has gone viral.

The actor Jake Fischer posted a video of himself eating ramen noodles while standing in the snow. His beard and eyelashes froze solid as a result of the extreme cold.

I took my bowl of ramen and ate it in the fresh air. “It got a little too cold,” Fischer admits in the clip. Unbelievably, the cold had frozen the bowl of ramen and even the spoon with a clump of noodles still on it. He said in the video’s description, “Ramen has cooled!”

Laughed one user, “Your hair is now illegal frozen ramen. Another pondered, “I want to watch how you warmed back up, I feel like the ice would be spilling everywhere once it begins melting.” In another post, a user expressed curiosity about the effect this might have on the ramen’s texture once it had cooled. Another Internet user made the remark, “Bro, his hair looks more like ramen than the genuine ramen.”