The War between Netflix and HBO Max: Offers of more than 200 million dollars for Godzilla Vs Kong

The pandemic situation across the world has forced all the industries to find different ways to cope up with the disruption caused, and film industries are no different. Making the return of public difficult to the theatres, all big awaited premiers, are ready to go on streaming platforms. The same is true with “Godzilla vs Kong”.

The movie has caught the attention of both HBO Max and Netflix and if reports are to be believed, both of them have entered into a bidding war for the film rights. The reports claim that Netflix has offered more than 200 million dollars for the same.

While Legendary Pictures which has 75% of the rights have agreed with the offer, Warner Bros, who owns 25% is opposing. They have their plans, including blocking the agreement with Netflix until HBO makes an offer to purchase.

In case, HBO wins the bid, the film would release in the same way as Wonder Woman 1984, both in theatres as well as on the digital streaming service.