This is a prototype of Jack Dorsey’s ‘rockey’ hardware crypto wallet

We just saw a prototype of the Bitcoin hardware wallet that Jack Dorsey’s Block (the company formerly known as Square) is working on, a device to help people “own and manage their Bitcoin securely,” according to the company. Block’s hardware chief, Jesse Dorogusker, tweeted an image Wednesday showing several devices, seemingly all including fingerprint readers and USB-C charging ports — both things Block said his hardware wallet would include in a blog post last month.

Dorsey announced his company’s work on the crypto wallet in June 2021 and we’ve gotten a few details about it since then. The company said the hardware wallet would be just one component in its crypto storage system and that it would have a companion mobile app for your phone. Block also provided an overview of the possible recovery processes available if you lose your wallet or your phone. It also said details would follow of what you might do if you lost both.

As for the actual hardware, it looks a little rocky, or “rockey,” as Dorsey put it when quoting the image. I don’t mean that in a bad way – the devices in the image shared by Dorogusker are made to look like different types of stone, such as marble and granite, and they have a slightly geometric shape.

In a statement emailed to: The edgeLindsey Grossman, head of product, marketing and partnerships for Block’s wallet said the images were “some prototypes that we are experimenting with for the wallet’s hardware component, which will also include a mobile app and a set of self-service recovery tools.” She also said the company would share “future explorations,” which doesn’t help us determine how close these prototypes are to becoming a real product.

When Block releases his wallet, we know at least one person who will not get one: Dorsey’s mom, who? recently roasted it on twitter for having “#Bitcoin” in his bio.

Update Apr 6, 6:42 PM ET: Added comment from Block stating that the image shows prototype wallets.

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