This is why fantasy sports are different from gambling

Before we delve into this much-discussed topic, let’s first understand the authentic meaning of betting. According to the dictionary, betting is “the activity of risking; trying to guess the outcome of a race or event.”

The meaning of fantasy sports is “games in which you choose a team of real sports players from different teams and win points based on how well the players play each week.”

While betting involves a high level of risk and is largely based on guesswork, fantasy sports is a platform for avid fans to virtually test their skills and knowledge and increase their ambition for the team or sport they passionately follow.

The main distinction between betting and fantasy sports is that with the former, success is dependent on the outcome of the event. You win if you guess correctly or you can lose everything if you guess wrong. While in fantasy sport the result of the match does not affect your game. Each instance in the game offers you the opportunity to earn points.

There is an element of chance and luck in placing bets. But it is not the same while playing fantasy sports. Your decisions are backed by data and hardcore analysis. Players are chosen carefully after thorough research; you are, as it were, the team coach or captain who controls the ship. In fantasy sport, you step into the shoes of the captain and put your best playing XI on the field after a careful analysis of the opponent’s strength, the conditions, suitable combinations, the form of the players, any injuries of any key players, etc.

Unlike betting which is a game of chance, fantasy sport is a game of skill. Sure, there’s a bit of luck involved with both, but decisions made in fantasy sports are well thought out.

Everyday fantasy cricket has become an extension for fans to express themselves in the best possible way. It gives them a unique platform where you can create your team for each game, play matchups and also expand their social circle through these game destinations.

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