This video will teach you how to build a retro flip walker toy from LEGO

This LEGO flip-walking vehicle looks like it has a mind of its own, but in reality it’s just powered by gravity and a small motor. Custom LEGO builder JK Brickworks walks us through the build in a video on YouTube, which is actually inspired by the old school Bear Mobill toys made by Bandai in 1987. It looks like the original toy is some kind of sci-fi military vehicle, but JK Brickworks gives it a flashy new look.

The hypnotic twisting motion is caused by a forward moving trolley in the middle. It weighs the machine just enough at the end of its track, which tilts the structure on two legs and resets the whole process. As shown in the JK Brickworks video, the toy’s unique twisting motion allows it to climb small steps and even a slight incline.

If you want a more in-depth look at how to build this strangely satisfying flippy machine, check out JK Brickworks’ nearly two-hour recorded livestream putting it all together piece by piece. It looks like JK Brickworks plans to do in-depth building instructions as well, as he notes that “instructions will follow” in the description of his video about the design.

Of course, the machine should not serve any purpose and have an unnecessarily unpleasant way of moving, but it is interesting that such a vehicle even exists. As some users on Reddit have pointed out, the only toy that comes close to this level of intrigue is probably the 1983 He-Man dragon runner, which swings itself sideways to take a single step forward.

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