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Throw Out Your Onions, FDA Says

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Do you eat onions? If yes, then you need to ask yourself a question. From where did the onion come? If you can’t answer to that, you should throw it out. It happened once in 2018 and 2019 when the romaine lettuce was recalled. Throw your red, yellow, white, or sweet onions if you are not sure that they don’t come from Thomson International. Till now, the epidemic has affected people in 11 states.

Salmonella can be killed by cooking, so if you eat onion after cooking, you’ll probably be fine. But we don’t usually keep onions the way we keep raw meat, so to avoid contamination; you should chuck out onions if you are doubtful of it. You should not eat it raw; even if you’re quite sure you had some and were excellent.

Salmonella usually takes a few days after intake before you fall sick; the CDC has listed an incubation period of approximately 6 to 72 hours. CDC has advised you to seek healthcare and write down everything you can remember you ate before you feel sick. You should report your case to the local health facility, and somebody would call you to ask about what you ate in the week before falling ill. Like contact tracing, this process helps in figuring out how the epidemic is spreading, and your answers would help avoid other people from falling sick.

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