TikTok Files Complaint against Trump Administration to Block US Ban: Report

The US govt has banned the downloading of TikTok and WeChat app from September 20. Bloomberg News reported that the company had asked the US judge to block the Trump Administration for the ban on Chinese social media network. ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company has challenged Trump’s order and filed a complaint in the Washington Federal Court, Friday night.

The complaint stated that Trump has exceeded his authority and has done so just for political reasons. The company said that all the reasons stating the apps as a threat to the US are not valid and that no data collected is used for spying. The order will not ban the companies of the US from carrying on their business activities on WeChat, outside the country. It’s a relief to companies like Walmart and Starbucks, which uses WeChat’s mini-app programs to ease transactions and also engage customers in China.

The order also doesn’t stop Goggle or Apple or any other platforms from offering TikTok or WeChat anywhere outside the US.