Tingling pain in Hand Could be a Sign of Coronavirus

Tingling pain in Hand Could be a Sign of Coronavirus

Different symptoms are there of coronavirus. These symptoms could be high fever, difficulty in breathing, and a new type of cough. But if you are having little tingling pain on your hands than it should not be ignored as it could be a risk of having COVID 19 infection. You can also be at risk of having symptoms of coronavirus?

Tingling pain in Hand Could be a Sign of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is such an infectious virus that has been spread all across the world and still now affected around 5 million people. It has been claimed that if one has developed a strange tingling type of sensation in your extremities then it could be possible that you are at the risk of having a virus.

Officially the UK has passed the peak of COVID 19 virus. The government of a UK has been advising people to remain inside so as the spread of this infection could not happen. Despite reaching the final stretch of an outbreak in COVID 19 still, there are people in hundreds that are dying every day in the UK.

Tangling Sensation in the Hand Observed in many patients affected with COVID-19

Some of the patients are complaining about the static-like pain and buzzing in their hands. One of the patients had told that this is one of the few warning signs in beginning to have a tingling sensation around extremities. While others have even put a message on the social media about having electric feeling on the skin while having a buzz in their body.

The tingling sensation still not has been officially told as a symptom of coronavirus. Dr. Waleed Javaid, who is a director of infection prevention and control in Mount Sinai Downtown from New York said that these symptoms are just caused due to the reaction of an immune system to the infection. As per him, there are widespread responses due to the immune system which is happening.  

As when immune cells in the body get activation it releases a lot of chemicals all over the body. This makes the body feel as if there is some fizzing going on in it. When our body’s immune system is acting then there is a different sensation which one could feel. He said that similar kinds of experiences happen in case of other illnesses as well.

This type of symptoms is also known as paresthesia which is similar to that of pins and needles. Mostly the patients who are suffering from diabetes get this type of tingling pain and also those who are suffering from an autoimmune condition. Paresthesia could have occurred due to nerve pressure or circulation is poor and it happens continuously. If one is suffering from these continuous needles or pins then it should be a concern and visit to a doctor is a must. As it could not happen due to any reason.

But the most common symptoms of coronavirus consist of high fever and a new or continuous cough. If anyone is hot when being a touch on the back or check then these are early signs of coronavirus.

Similarly, if anyone is coughing for longer duration like that of one hour or they are coughing at least three times in 24 hours then one should go into self-isolation. In the UK there are above 240,000 people who are suffering from coronavirus and around 34,636 have already died.