Tom Hopper and Wife Laura Speak Up Over Raising Their Autistic Son: ‘His brain Just Works in a Different Way.’

Tom Hopper and Wife Laura Speak Up Over Raising Their Autistic Son: 'His brain Just Works in a Different Way.'

Tom Hopper of the Umbrella academy and his wife Laura speak up over raising their five-year-old son named Freddie, who is autistic.

The couple keeps on raising awareness of their son’s condition by sharing the posts on social media by providing the details about their experience in the hope of helping other couples face the same conditions.

Tom gives details about the help offered by them to People and said, “You have to trust each other and the journey. The right things will happen eventually, but it doesn’t happen overnight. My son has autism, and he amazes me every day. His brain just works in a different way.”

Initially, something different about Freddie was noticed by Tom, 35, and Laura, 32, at the time when their son was just 18 months old. They received the confirmed diagnosis of autism of Freddie in March just before his birthday.

Laura said,” The first thing we noticed was Freddie wouldn’t turn around for his name. From there, the older he got, the more of a gap there was between him and other children his age in terms of his progress.”

Laura further added that it was influential for her and her husband that we’re able to ‘recognize the regression,’ After this, they started their research about autism, and then they came to know that all children who have it are not alike.

Tom added, “The biggest thing for us was learning Freddie. We’ve had to figure out what works for him and what doesn’t.”

The star of Umbrella academy said that he and his wife decided to exclude processed sugar from Freddie’s diet, and they believed that this has helped in controlling his behavior. They have marked the difference as massive.

He also disclosed that his son persists on enjoying all the activities running, laughing, and playing as the children would do.

His parents confirmed Freddie’s diagnosis through a video shared on Instagram earlier this year. In the video, Laura said,” We’ve known that Freddie is different for quite a while, some people would say superhuman, and others would say autistic. Basically, we want to raise awareness for people like Freddie, or parents.”