Tony Todd says the Candyman Reboot will be worth the wait

Candyman reboot is right now the perfect claim for being the biggest popular horror hit of the year. Even though the immediate future of the theatres is still a question mark, fans are eagerly waiting for a horror content that can make them jump out of their seats. Though the movie is not definite of its release in October, Tony Todd, the actor playing the title character says that the movie will be worth the wait.

Tony has expressed his disappointment in the movie still not released but has promised that the audience won’t be disappointed when it would hit the theatres. He said that there is a 30-year-gap in the source material and the latest release and so they have worked hard on looking at it with the viewpoint of the new generation.

He claimed that this will be the most accepted and received horror movie of all time, especially in a time where people have been away from theatres for a long period. So he is very positive about sticking to October 16th as its release date.

Written by Stephen D