Top 10 Best Data Science and AI Courses You Can Pursue post Lockdown

Top 10 Best Data Science and AI Courses You Can Pursue post Lockdown

Data Science is one of the famous courses that students like to opt. And nowadays, it is more highlighted because of the presence of Artificial Intelligence(AI).

There are many other courses available but the importance of commerce and technology in the market is unmatchable. The students who are passing out this year and are a bit confused between the best colleges and courses they offer, then they should read this carefully to find out the top 10 amongst them.

Top 10 Data Science and AI Courses Colleges

1. Statistics with Data Science: Brigham Young University, Utah

The course covers the use of statistics and data in computer programming and industrial applications. Students will learn about programming in Python, and R, programming languages, probability, calculus, and many other skills.

2. MIT : Massachusetts

One of the best and oldest place to grab knowledge from small chips of mobile phones to big military robots. It is well-known as the center of technical excellence. If you are selected here, then you will surely going to work with some of the world’s greatest people and learn a lot from them.

3. BSc Computer Science : Stanford University, California

Students will learn a lot and cover many topics like language networks, machine learning, computer vision, and many fundamentals and techniques related to biomedical research.

4. Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence: Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh

First University in United States to introduce Bachelors degree in Artificial Intelligence. Students will reach their potential by covering topics like robotics, machine learning, software research, and many more. Even they got options to choose from cognitive psychology, or cognitive science.

5. Bsc Data Science : London School of Economics

It covers machine learning and mining including the real use applications of data sciences across the globe. Moreover, students learn quantitative skills if they want to study further for PhD.

6. BSc Artificial Intelligence : University of Edinburgh

The four-year course will cover everything from basic to advance. They use computers as well as machines to make students understand each and every concept in detail.

7. BA in Data Science : Columbia University, New York

Students are taught machine learning, statistics, and probability. Thereafter, they learn deeply about robotics and language processing.

8. Under graduation in Data Science: University of Michigan

Students will know about the basics of programming, stats, and mathematics. They will also learn about the real world use of machine learning. A degree from this prestigious institution will surely help a lot while applying for a job.

9. BSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: Nanyang Technology University, Singapore

Students are taught mathematics, and computer science. They learn how to create balance between them through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

10. Data Science Program : Harvard University

According to Correlation One, Harvard is one of the top universities for Data Science. Students who opted for undergraduate course will learn about mathematics, Stats, as well as computer fundamentals. Artificial Intelligence of Harvard is world-renowned.

For More information you can check out the Official Websites of each of the universities.

Written by Neha Garg