Tracy Morgan & Megan Wollover Announced Separation after five years of Marriage

Tracy Morgan & Megan Wollover Announced Separation after five years of Marriage

Tracy Morgan and Megan Wollover have decided to part their ways after completing five years of their Marriage. The statement for this announcement was given to Fox News by Morgan on Wednesday through a spokesperson. Morgan has asked that at this time, he needs some privacy.

The statement says, “Sadly, after nearly five years of Marriage, Megan and I are filing for divorce. This is a challenging time for all involved, so I ask that you please respect our privacy,”

The Saturday Night Live actor, Tracy, 51, married his second wife Wollover,  33 in 2015. Together they have a seven-year-old daughter named Maven Sonae. Besides this, Tracy Morgan is also a father of adult sons Gitrid, 34, Malcolm, 32, and Tracy Jr. 28, and all these are from his first wife, Sabina Morgan.

Their engagement was first announced in September 2012by the 30 Rocks actor Morgan on Emmy red carpet.

Due to a car accident in 2014, the couple has a very long engagement. In this deadly accident that too places new New Jersey Turnpike, a Walmart truck rammed into the limousine in which Morgan was sitting. This accident resulted in the death of Morgan’s friend and a close associate James McNair. Besides this, due to this incident, Morgan was in a wheelchair for nearly five months, as the reports say.

Wollover told media persona at their wedding time “After almost losing Tracy last year, I am so grateful to finally be married to the love of my life,” She also added “We have been through so much, and our love is stronger for it. I’m so excited to see what our future holds and feel so blessed to spend the rest of my life with Tracy!”

The reason behind their decision for separation is still unknown.