Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner split


Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are said to have broken up.

After spending Christmas apart, the makeup mogul, who is 25, and Travis, who is 31, have decided to end their relationship.

A source told Us Weekly, “Kylie and Travis are no longer together. They were supposed to spend the holidays together, but she went to Aspen to be with her family and friends there.”

In spite of this, the two famous people plan to stay friends.

“This has happened so many times before, they’re known to be on and off, but they always stay friends and are great co-parents,” said the insider.

Kylie has two kids with the rap star: Stormi, who is four, and a baby boy who is 11 months old. The couple had broken up in 2019, but they got back together during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2022, the well-known couple had their second child together. A source had said before that they had “mastered being together.”

The source also said that Kylie and Travis were very happy in their relationship and that they were “successfully co-parenting” last year.

At the time, the source said: “Things are going great between Kylie and Travis.

“They are really good at being together and taking care of their kids together. It’s working well for them, and they’re just living their lives. As parents of two, they’re doing a great job.”

Also, it was said that Kylie, who used to date rap star Tyga, was very happy with Travis’ hands-on parenting style.

The person who knew said: “Travis is a great dad, and Kylie loves that about him.

“He cares a lot about Kylie and his family, which is one reason why they work as a couple. As a dad and a partner, he is always going above and beyond, and Kylie appreciates how hard he works for her and their kids.”