Trump doubles down on Hydroxychloroquine Claims: the drug he touts as coronavirus treatment

Trump doubles down on Hydroxychloroquine Claims: the drug he touts as coronavirus treatment

After the frightful declaration, dozens of people had to Twitter to questions about the president case. “Raise your hand if you think that Trump is dishonest about having the #Hydroxychloroquine,” declared on Monday that he is taking regular doses of hydroxychloroquine, a drug he is long brag about as a hidden coronavirus solution even as a medical specialist and the US Food and Drug Administration asks if its efficiency and warn of potentially has some dangerous side effects. The drug can be causing the end of life and can only be taken under medical care. The study was written in the Journal of the American Medical Association. 

In March, Bautista also subjected to fire off a film of tweets disdain Trump and his administration’s feedback to the coronavirus pandemic. He also assigns to the president as “Biff,” a remark to Biff Tannen, the antihero in the Back to the Future franchise. Emergency officials afterwards told residents in the place to empty around 6:15 p.m. ET after it was persistent that the dam could no extended hold back the water.

Speaking at a meeting of restaurant administration, Trump said he began having the antimalarial dose after advisory the White House doctor, though blocked short of saying his doctor had approved the drug.

The US president said he had been having the dose regularly in a pill form from past10 days and had talked over with the White House doctor before doing so. Official’s studies said they recommended it’s dangerous to take the drug as prophylaxis for COVID-19.

The President’s doctor, Navy Cmdr. Sean Conley, hinted in a memo freed Monday night to Trump’s manservant testing positive two weeks ago for COVID-19. According to the Weather Channel, emergency officials made aware residents around the Wixom and Sanford lakes area earlier in the day that the dam was at risk of break down.