Trump says CDC Director, Robert Redfield ‘confused’ about Coronavirus Vaccine, Mask Efficacy, Redfield responded

When the CDC Director said that vaccine for the pandemic might not be extensively accessible until next year and that masks are the most efficient way of containing COVID-19, President Trump was asked about the same by the reporters. Trump replied that he believed that Robert was confused.

Trump further added that Redfield must have misunderstood the question, or he would not have realized what he was saying. He further said that as soon as the vaccine is available, it will be distributed to much of the country, which can be as early as October.

Responding to the President’s reaction, Redfield has commented on Twitter that he believes that a vaccine will play an essential role in eradicating the pandemic and bringing back life to normal, but in the current scenario when the vaccine is still not available, wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing and avoiding crowdy places are the only possible ways to keep the virus at bay.