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Trump Urges Lebanon To Hold Investigation


President Trump requested Lebanon to look into the investigation of the blast for which the United States Of America would be ready to help. The information came from the White House after the virtual conference on the International response to the disaster in which he had participated.

He requested the Lebanon government to investigate the matter, in which the United state is ready to help .

Trump requested the people to maintain peace although he has acknowledged the fact that the people who are protesting peacefully for a transparent investigation should be heard.

The explosions destroyed large part of the labonese capital in which over 150 people died and 6000 were injured.

Lebanese officials said that Tuesday’s explosion was sparked by a fire in a  port warehouse, where a shipment of ammonium nitrate, a chemical that can be used as a fertilizer or as an explosive’ was lying for years. Leaders from around the globe have also urged for an international investigation.


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