Trump’s Indian worshipper dies ‘depressed’ over President’s COVID-19 illness

An Indian man got upset with the news of Trump contracting coronavirus and died of a cardiac arrest on Sunday as per the reports. Bussa Krishna worshipped Trump, and his devotion started four years back when the leader appeared in his dreams. 

When he learned about Donald Trump getting infected with the viral disease, Bussa had posted a heartfelt teary video on his Facebook page and wished and prayed for his idol’s speedy recovery. The head of Bussa’s village Venkat Goud said that Bussa was very depressed that Trump and his wife had got the disease.

He also said that he is sad that Bussa passed away without meeting his hero, as he had tried hard to meet him once when Trump came to India in February. Bussa, who was in his late thirties, had gone to visit his parents, where he died due to a cardiac arrest. According to the local media, the family could not be contacted, nor could any details be obtained from the hospital, where Bussa died.

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