Truth or Lie? Anil Ambani Brother of the Richest Man, Mukesh Ambani Has only 1 Car & leads a Modest life

anil ambani

Anil Ambani, on Friday, has claimed that he was a simple man with simple tastes and led a modest life, as per the reports. Concerning a lawsuit filed by Chinese banks for infringement of a personal assurance on a debt refinancing loan, he had appeared in the court. 

He claimed that to pay his legal fees; he had sold his jewelry. He told the court in the UK that perceptions of his lavish lifestyle are mere speculative media stories. When questioned about his band of luxury cars, he said that he uses only one car. He also claimed that he does not pay for the private helicopter, unless he uses it, as he is seasick. He said that the helicopter was owned by a corporate entity.

He said that his expenses are minimal, which are borne by his wife and family. He further added that if he has to make expenses now, he will sell his other assets with the court’s permission.

It is noteworthy that in May, a UK bank had ordered Anil Ambani to pay nearly $717 million to three Chinese banks, but the amount was not paid in the fixed time period.