Twitter Adds New, Simplified Option to Pin a Timeline of Latest Tweets

Twitter’s looking to make it easier for people to access the latest tweets from users that they follow, with a new option to pin a ‘Latest Tweets’ timeline, so you can simply swipe across to see an algorithm-free tweet feed. As you can see here, now, when you tap on the star icon to view…

Twitter’s taking a look to get it more straightforward for fogeys to access the latest tweets from users that they apply, with a brand original possibility to pin a ‘Most modern Tweets’ timeline, so that it is possible you’ll maybe well simply swipe all the way thru to look an algorithm-free tweet feed.

Twitter latest tweets option

Because it is possible you’ll maybe well gaze right here, now, whereas you happen to faucet on the large title icon to inquire of tweets in reverse chronological snarl, you’ll also contain the chance to pin your ‘Most modern’ timeline, which is prepared to then add it as a swipeable, permanent different feed.

That addresses user calls for a reverse chronological tweet feed, and whereas Twitter has had this sorting possibility accessible to users since 2018, the added capability to create a separate, actual-time roam of your latest tweets will get it a super extra accessible consideration, offering a extra reasonable manner to retain far from algorithm sorting.

Which, interestingly ample, is what ragged CEO Jack Dorsey genuinely proposed last August, with this tweet.

I frail @getvicarious to create and sync a listing of all accounts I’m following, remark that listing to be reverse chron, named it “Most modern” and pinned it, and now I will posthaste swipe between ranked (algorithm) and all tweets as they happen

(inspired by an idea from team)

— jack⚡️ (@jack) August 12, 2021

Which used to be a tiny bit outlandish at the time, on yarn of Dorsey used to be quiet to blame of the app. Adore, if he seen such designate on this possibility, why no longer get it an precise, native tweet addition, as in opposition to using a third-occasion app?

Which is what Twitter has now performed – which it in actuality launched to a pair users motivate in October, though in a quite assorted make.

High Tweets first or latest Tweets first? We’re making it more straightforward to swap between the 2 timelines and know which one you’re scrolling.

Now testing with a few of you on iOS: swipe between “Home” and “Most modern” on the Home tab to preserve which Tweets you gaze first.

— Twitter Abet (@TwitterSupport) October 12, 2021

Now, all users will contain the chance to create a swipeable ‘Most modern’ feed, within the occasion that they preserve, as in opposition to it being mechanically added. So whereas you happen to fancy the present feed, no dispute, however whereas you happen to’d fancy the chance to strive the latest tweets as they come thru, you possibly could well additionally function that.

How well-liked it’ll be is disturbing to wager. Twitter’s swap to a default algorithm feed has been efficient, with tweet engagement step by step rising because it rolled out the chance, which gifts your tweets according to total engagement, as effectively as your non-public interactive behaviors within the app.

Twitter mDAU growth over time

But at the identical time, many Twitter users inquire of the algorithm-defined feed as being opposite to what Twitter is all about, in highlighting the latest data and updates in actual-time. As a end result, calls for the removal of the Twitter algorithm contain continued over time, and even supposing, as noted, Twitter has offered an possibility to swap over to a ‘Most modern’ feed for the past three years, the truth that your roam reverts to the algorithm, and that it is possible you’ll maybe well’t remark ‘Most modern’ as the default, has aggravated some users.

This is in a position to maybe well presumably handle these concerns – goodbye as users comprehend it.

A minimal of, it’ll motivate to quell some angst over the algorithm-defined feed, by offering a straightforward possibility to retain far from tweet rating whereas you happen to preserve out.