Twitter has some problems

Twitter seemed to be having some trouble on Friday; it doesn’t work on desktop for some people, and the issues seem to be more common on the west coast. While researching a story, tweets didn’t load on a specific profile for me, then an error message popped up that wouldn’t go away.

However, things seem to be improving. The error is gone, although I am still having problems loading profiles. Downdetector is showing a spike in user reports, with about 37,000 reporting issues at the time of writing.

Looking at Downdetector’s outage map, it appears that the issues have mainly affected users on the West Coast. So do I – I’m based in Portland, OR. (Maybe that red dot over Portland is the Downdetector report I made.)

Downdetector’s failure map as of 12:47PM ET.
Screenshot by Jay Peters

Three California-based roadside staffers said they’ve had issues, although many east coast staffers don’t seem to have any issues. TweetDeck has continued to work for me without any issues.

Twitter’s status page, at least at the time of publication, shows that all systems are operational. Twitter did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the potential outage.

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