“Twitter Killer” in Japan killed Nine People with “consent,” his lawyers say


According to the media reports, a Japanese man dubbed the “Twitter killer” to lure the victims on social media and was admitted in court on Wednesday for killing nine people. But the lawyers of the murderer, Takahiro Shiraishi, 29, had argued in the court that the charges against the client, stating that all the killed people have suicidal thoughts and gave their consent to get killed.

He killed those nine people and has also stored their body parts in the coolboxes and is also facing rape charges. The attacker used his Twitter Account to contact the victims who were all aged between 15 and 26. These people had posted online their wish of taking their own lives. Shiraishi told them that he would help them in their plans or even would die along with them.

His lawyers want the charges against him to reduce to “murder with consent,” for which the maximum punishment is imprisonment for seven years.