U.S. government is “looking at” banning Tik Tok

U.S. government is “looking at” banning Tik Tok

Donald Trump’s administration is focused on removing Chinese hardware manufacturers and products from the US market, which includes companies like ZTE and Huawei. But now it looks that all the focus seems to turn towards Chinese social media applications. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo told Fox News in an interview that the government of the USA is looking forward to banning many Chinese social media applications from the USA. Pompeo also added that they are serious about this and certainly looking over this issue. And after these companies, Tik Tok is next in the list.

When Pompeo was asked if Americans should use this app? Pompeo replied that they can use the app but only if they want that their private information should be in the hands of the Chinese communist party.

A Tik Tok spokesperson replied to Pompeo’s remarks that Tik Tok is owned by an American CEO. He also said that this company in the USA has no higher priority than promoting a safe and secure experience for its users, and we never provide user information to the Chinese government.

He also said that Tik Tok stores US users’ data in the servers located in the boundaries of the USA and is backed up in Singapore. Tik Tok might come to an end if the Trump administration has its way. U.S. government banning Chinese social media apps including Tik Tok over national security and privacy concerns. Tik Tok is owned by a company based in Beijing called ByteDance, although the version in China is known as Douyin.

Government officials are worried about the information and data. One of the Australian politicians said in a statement that “it is a data collection service and a disguised social media site. There should be screen time management functions and a restricted mode that blocks mature content. The company said in a statement that it is not sharing any information of the user with any country’s government agencies.