U.S. Immigration Authorities have been Sued by MIT, Harvard for the New Rules Made for Foreign Students

U.S. Immigration Authorities have been Sued by MIT, Harvard for the New Rules Made for Foreign Students

The federal immigration agency and the Department of Homeland Security have been sued in the morning of 8th July at District court in Boston by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard University based on the new guidelines which have barred the foreign students to be in America if the online classes are going in their universities.

With this lawsuit, there was a restraining order on it temporarily from enforcing the international students as per federal guidelines for leaving the US.

Lawrence Bacow, President of Harvard University had said through an email to its affiliates that all this came without any notice, and it’s just as surpassing cruelty. They had a belief that this order of ICE is just a bad policy of public which is illegal. He said that they will take this case as their international students can do their studies without any threat of getting deport.

ICE on 6 July Announced that No Visas will be Issued for Online Programs Students

In the press, it was said on July 6 by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that the semester of 2020 has been operating almost online and they might not want to take the full online load of course by staying in the US. The U.S. Department of State will not be issuing any of the visas for students who had enrolled in the online programs, neither it has been permitted by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to students for entering the US.

This has created anxiety among international students who are there in the US. On July 7 it has been announced by the Maura Healey, Massachusetts Attorney General that she will sue on these guidelines which are illegal and cruel.

On July 6, Amanda J. Claybaugh, Dean of Undergraduate Education had told in a panel that Mark C. Elliot, Vice Provost for International Affairs had contacted on the behalf of students who are studying there to ambassadors.

It has been said by a federal agency that the students who are attending schools may be allowed to take 3 credit for online hours or having more than 1 class. These schools need to tell Exchange Visitor Programme as well as students that these courses will not be online even this 2020 semester. Students need to take normal classes as well for the degree program.

This restriction had created a problem for the international students in their movement from the US to their home country and back.

Now the college will be addressing the students and identify those who need to come in college for their academic progress while who are those that can be taught online. Students who are there on campus will be moving out before November Thanksgiving after completing their exams. 

As per MIT that there are many research staff as well as graduate students who need to be allowed on Campus. But to restrict a greater number of people, most of the staff working administratively will keep on working remotely.