U.S Representative, Louie Gohmert, tested positive for Coronavirus

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A member of the Republican Party, and U.S Representative, and member of Republican Party, Louie Gohmert, 66, has been tested positive for the deadly Coronavirus. Gohmert, 66, approved positive in a pre-protection process at the White House before he expected to fly with President Donald Trump to Texas on Wednesday. The Texas Republican, who was only in a confusion of wearing masks, has now been caught by the virus.

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Medical experts always suggest people wear masks, as it could prevent them from getting infected by the symptoms of the Coronavirus. However, Gohmert has never taken this seriously and always seen without wearing a mask.  

U. S representative, louie gohmert, tested positive for coronavirus
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On Tuesday, he also participated in the hearing of the House Judiciary Committee. Moreover, he was one of the officials to travel with President Trump this afternoon to West Texas. Thereafter, at the time of screening, he was tested positive. He also took a second test, which also came positive. Officials confirmed that all the people who have been in contact with him recently, are also being tested.

 Politician agent Mike Johnson and Kay Granger and Democratic lawmaker Raúl Grijalva cleared in a statement that they would self-quarantine after being in touch with Gohmert, 

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According to the sources, he is traveling back to his home in East Texas. They will self-quarantined for the next ten days. Some other officials who were sitting next to him on a flight, are also self-quarantining themselves. Texas is becoming a hotspot for the Coronavirus.

The Governor has made it mandatory for everyone to wear masks and prevent themselves from the deadly virus. According to a Reuters tally more than 150,000 people in the United States, killed by the virus and 4.4 people tested positive for the virus, Gohmert’s fellow representatives are wishing him a speedy recovery. Hope he gets well soon.

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