Ubisoft says it has experienced a ‘cybersecurity incident’

Ubisoft experienced a “cybersecurity incident” last week that temporarily disrupted some games, systems and services, the company reported Thursday. Ubisoft said it believes “there is no evidence at this time that players’ personal information has been used or disclosed as a byproduct of this incident” and says games and services are now “functioning normally”. As a precaution, the company has also “initiated a company-wide password reset”.

News of the incident comes in amid a recent spate of high profile hacks. Nvidia confirmed on March 1 that it had been hacked, saying the hackers were leaking employee credentials and proprietary information. Samsung said on March 7 that hackers stole internal company data and source code for Galaxy devices. The LAPSUS$ hacking group has assumed responsibility for those two breaches. It’s unclear if the group was involved in any way in the Ubisoft security incident, though we’ve asked Ubisoft if it’s aware of a connection.

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