Uncharted movie review: an overdue slog of epic proportions


Columbia Pictures’ new not mapped movie by venom Director Ruben Fleischer is a testament to the idea that the longer the much-discussed adaptations of beloved franchises linger in development hell, the more likely they are to emerge — if they ever do — as twisted misfires that may be better in the future. dams preserved. not mapped isn’t the first movie this is about. But unlike so many other adaptations in this class, which tend to become paralyzed by a lack of understanding of what people like about the source material, you get the sense that you’re watching not mapped that everyone involved vaguely “understands” what all the fuss is about. not mapped knows what it should be – the problem is it’s totally uninterested in being that thing.

not mapped draws from elements from several not mapped games to build a story around a younger, more inexperienced Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) who gets sucked into the jet-setting, grave-robbery lifestyle after a not-so-accidental encounter with con artist/treasure hunter Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg). Although Nathan, a lonely bartender with a checkered past and no close family today, knows better than to trust smooth-talking strangers who pickpocket better than he does, Sully is able to win the younger man’s trust and recruit him for a big job figuring out his connections and similarities with Nathan’s long-lost brother, Sam.

Mark wahlberg stars as victor “sully” sullivan and tom holland stars as nathan drake in columbia pictures' uncharted. Photo by: clay enos

Sully and Nathan have a disagreement.
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Technically, not mapped opens on one of the surprisingly few major set pieces that take place toward the end from the movie before jumping back in time to focus on Nathan and Sully’s meeting. But Nathan’s path to the lost treasure actually begins in his adolescence when he (Tiernan Jones in flashbacks) and Sam (Rudy Pankow) were just two quirky boys sneaking out of their orphanage to steal valuable pieces of history from museums, just like kids are used to. to do. What not mapped attempts to do in the opening scenes show how Nathan and Sam’s love for treasure hunting and the fact that they were torn away from each other in childhood laid the foundation for the grown Nathan to become the kind of person who won would be by Sully’s charms. But what not mapped instead accidentally draws attention to his own indecision about who his main character is and what kind of people they are.

Watching Holland and Wahlberg try to play each other out in virtually all of the film’s comedic scenes is like staring into a sharp crystallization of how charged not mapped‘s journey to the big screen was. Long before it goes fully into action mode, not mapped tries to sell you the idea of ​​itself as a buddy adventure movie. But most of Nathan and Sully’s chatter faints because of an unfortunate mix of questionable chemistry and hackneyed dialogue that makes even the dullest video game cutscenes shine in comparison.

Wahlberg, who was one of the frontrunners in playing Drake more than a decade ago, doesn’t seem particularly thrilled or down with the idea of ​​playing Sully — he looms up as a reminder of the not mapped movie that could have been. The Dutch Nathan is, in comparison, the more captivating of the two characters, but the extent to which not mapped Attempts to rely on Holland’s boyish charm to carry it eventually damage the film in a way that becomes more noticeable as it progresses and more characters are introduced. This might not be such a glaring issue if Nathan and Sully’s brotherly camaraderie wasn’t meant to be not mapped‘s beating heart, and if the movie had the means to at least try to make some of its supporting characters feel like people instead of walking, talking callbacks to the games.

Tom holland, sophia taylor ali and mark wahlberg star in columbia pictures' uncharted. Photo by: clay enos

Nathan, Chloe and Sully discuss whether or not to split up.
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By the time Nathan and Sully set out on their mission to track down a lost treasure hidden by Magellan’s crew, there are still plenty left. not mapped to get through it, but because the film can’t bind to a focus or a tone, it makes it feel much longer than it actually is.

not mapped doesn’t really want you to think about why Sully and other fighters like Chloe Frazer (Sophia Ali) and Jo Braddock (Tati Gabrielle) won’t be able to finally get leads until Nathan shows up, even though they’ve all been chasing this specific treasure for centuries. The movie also doesn’t want you to notice that solving puzzles or looking for clues that Nathan does himself doesn’t seem very difficult or clever. What not mapped What I do want is to make you feel like you’ve been whisked away to beautiful, foreign locations, where no one has a problem with people showing up to hack away valuable bits of history.

The not mapped franchise has its merits and is not alone Tomb Raider for Men™, but that’s certainly the impression you could take from this movie for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to, the apparent allergy to developing female characters, other than being funny prizes to its male, leads to pleasure. not mappedIts greatest sin, however, is the certainty with which it gives you the potential for future episodes – episodes that the ending of this movie neither deserves nor justifies.

not mapped also stars Antonio Banderas, Steven Waddington and Pingi Moli and hits theaters February 18.

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