Update on George Floyd’s Death Case – Former Officer Derek Chauvin has been Released on Bail

George Floyd’s Death Case

George Floyd’s Death Case: Protesters likely showed their anger on the ex-policeman Derek Chauvin who was shown pinned down George Floyd by his neck and he died because he was out of breath. At the time when COVID-19 was at its peak, protestors were on streets showing anger against the officer. They even protest in front of his home and also posted several mug shots of the officer on social media.

After all of this Ex-officer, Derek Chauvin was charged on the basis of the murder of George Floyd and his case went on Trials. But yesterday the case had a breakthrough when the officer was released on bail. Derek has filed a bail amount of $100,000. Though it is not clear yet who has paid the bail

Minnesota Department of Correction’s Spokeswoman Sarah Fitzgerald said “I can confirm he is no longer in our custody.”

Though the release of Chauvin has some restrictions. Mr. Chauvin can’t move to any other part of the states, he has to remain in Minnesota until the time of his trials. He has been next called for his trial on 8th March till then he has to be in Minnesota. He has to give away any of the guns he has and further he can’t take any job in Law Enforcement. Further, he is instructed to make no contact with Floyd’s Family.

With Chauvin under trials, it is very unsure that he will be free or be convicted but for now, he is returning to the world which has been reshaped and is sensitive to issues like racial discrimination and Police brutality.

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