US Air Force Fighter Jet Crashes after Collision with a Refueling Plane

A US Air Force F-35B fighter jet collided with an aerial refueling tanker and got hit on Tuesday, as said by a US marines unit. The refueling aircraft crew landed safely while the pilot was taken out and was getting treated for the injuries met. As per the reports, the crash took place at about 1600 ft in the air over the Imperial County, California.

The reason behind the crash is being investigated, and details would be let known once it becomes available, said the marines unit. The refueling plane has safely returned to the Thermal Airport, with all the crew members being safe. When asked for comment, the marines unit did not immediately respond to it.

The 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing had tweeted about the incident reporting that in an air to air refueling evolution, the Lockheed Martin F-35B fighter jet had collided while getting into contact with the refueling jet KC-130.

Written by Stephen D